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Here you will find everything you need affiliate related. See below for a link to your individual download or program login. If you do not see a service in which you should have access to, please contact customer service or web support to resolve.

If you have any questions regarding schedules, affidavits, or commercial and spot audio, please write our Operations Team. We're here to help! Email us or call (1) 888-HELP450 (888-435-7450).

Affiliates utilizing the MAX receiver can call the number below for MAX related broadcast issues:
Broadcast Center 24-Hour Technical Support - 1.800.877.0007

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If you are a producer of morning content and need access to the prep materials produced for your station, this is where you will find any/all affiliate links. If you do not see your affiliate link here, please contact a WestwoodOne rep for more details.


If you are looking for your daily materials such as DJ Schedules, Liners, Promos, and/or music logs...this is where you need to be. If you do not see a link to acquire what you need, please contact a WestwoodOne representative for more information.

FTP Downloads

The link below will take you to the FTP site for Westwood One Shows. There you can download whole shows and other program materials that you may need relating to Westwood One shows and programs.


Different web browsers (and different versions of those browsers) handle FTP in different ways. If you don’t like the way your browser deals with FTP, you can go to the site directly with any FTP client at shows.westwoodone.com or map the site in My Network Places using ftp://shows.westwoodone.com/. Need help with Mapping The Site? Right-click on this link to download instructions.

If you have questions, you can email us or call 888-HELP450 (888-435-7450).

All our features are now distributed via our CDN system. For help, please call 888-435-7450 (press 2, then 2 at the prompts.)

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