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Network Radio, TV, and Digital Work Together

TV and digital have become known as media planning’s dynamic duo. TV is often credited with large reach while digital offers highly specialized and targeted campaigns. So how can brands grow incremental reach to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns? With AM/FM radio, America’s #1 mass reach media. Read more

AM/FM Radio is America’s #1 Mass Reach Media: So What

Each quarter, Nielsen reports that AM/FM radio reaches more consumers than any other platform including TV, social media, and mobile platforms. This is a point of pride for AM/FM radio. But as impressive as it sounds, it doesn’t explain the benefit of mass reach for retailers and advertisers. What does this mean for them? As it turns out, a lot. Read more

10 Slides TV Doesn’t Want You To See

Due to ad fraud, non-human views, and brand safety concerns, major advertisers like Procter & Gamble have begun to pull back their digital spend. These massive brands are now increasing their advertising spend in mass reach media like television. But putting all of your chips on television isn’t necessarily a safe bet. TV audience erosion is causing real concerns for brands. Read more

The Podcast Download Fall 2017 Report: Video

On September 7th, Westwood One took the stage at the IAB Podcast Upfront to present exclusive highlights from The Podcast Download Fall 2017 Report. In case you missed it, here is the 6-minute video of the key takeaways presented by Cumulus | Westwood One Chief Insights Officer Pierre Bouvard. Read more

The Shocking Truth About Pandora's Weekly Reach

Nielsen Scarborough recently added a new question to their survey: listenership to Pandora in the past week. This provides the opportunity to compare AM/FM radio's weekly reach to Pandora's weekly reach. Westwood One conducted a comprehensive analysis that revealed some key findings about how Pandora stacks up against AM/FM radio. Read more

NextRadio App Proves Radio’s Ability to Deliver Customers to Stores

NextRadio is the free smartphone app that lets consumers see and hear live, local radio. If a phone has an activated FM chip, the app allows the consumer to listen to live, local over-the-air radio. Westwood One is excited to be the first American radio network to embrace this powerful interactive platform and offer brands and agencies NextRadio mobile advertising solutions and ROI measurement. Read more

Infographic: The Podcast Download Fall 2017

Podcasting is taking the nation’s earbuds by storm. So what’s the download on the powerful, passionate group of listeners fueling this trend? Here’s what you need to know from the just released Podcast Download Fall 2017 Report. Read more

Surprise: A Slam Piece On AM/FM Radio Gets It Wrong

A streaming music royalty organization has issued a report that incorrectly asserts the demise of AM/FM radio among younger Americans. We turned to Nielsen’s Portable People Meter listening data to check the facts.

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Podcasting Takes Center Stage With Advertisers

This week, media firms, advertising agencies, and podcast stars will gather in New York City for the third annual Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Podcast Upfront showcase. To set the scene, we take a look at key takeaways from the recently updated Westwood One State of Podcasting 2017.

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Use AM/FM radio to own the holidays and drive sales

As we get ready to celebrate Labor Day, we look ahead to some of the biggest retail holidays on the calendar. October through December is a busy season for shoppers and advertisers can use AM/FM radio to reach the masses and generate dollars.

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