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Reach Is the New Black: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Media Plan

According to Nielsen, AM/FM radio is America's #1 mass reach media and TV is #2. To grow sales and customers, these mass reach media play a strong role in the mix. Read more

A Day in the Life of an NCAA Basketball Fan: How Social, Video, Audio, and Digital Platforms Feed the Madness

As one of America’s most popular sporting events, nothing evokes passion like NCAA March Madness. The NCAA audio audience is truly impassioned, literally glued to our radio and streaming broadcasts.

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ROI Case Study: Major Motorcycle Manufacturer Builds Its Brand with Westwood One NFL and NCAA

You don't need a visual to get people to resonate with key brand attributes. A major motorcycle brand used Westwood One’s NFL and NCAA platforms to tell its story. 

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Motel 6 Wins The Westwood One Sports Sound Awards

Motel 6 takes the top spot in the 4th annual Westwood One Sports Sound Awards.  Read more

5 Things to Know about Early Spring Spending

The winter holidays might be the biggest shopping season of the year, but don’t overlook the early months of spring — jam-packed with huge retail events. Did you know these facts about upcoming holidays in February, March, and April? Read more

Westwood One at Super Bowl LI

It was an epic win and the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. As the exclusive network radio partner of the NFL, Westwood One was there and on the air as Super Bowl LI went down in the history books as one of the best games of all time! Read more

Vote Now for Your Favorite Super Bowl Radio Commercial in The Westwood One Sports Sound Awards

The Westwood One Sports Sound Awards is back for its 4th consecutive year. Read more

Time for Kickoff: Super Bowl Fans are on the Move and Spend Big

Did you know? The Super Bowl is the second most popular day for food consumption after Thanksgiving. Check out our Super Bowl infographic for more. Read more

Integrate your brand into a mass cultural event: NCAA basketball on Westwood One

Casual fan and diehards alike are about to get swept into the euphoria of collegiate basketball, and Westwood One carries all of the games. March Madness on Westwood One is a dream come true for marketers. Read more

Be the Sound of the Game: 5 Reasons Westwood One Audio Amplifies Your Super Bowl Marketing Plan

At Westwood One we’re excited to broadcast Super Bowl LI: our 30th consecutive Super Bowl broadcast and 44th broadcast overall. Here's why you should consider audio in your Super Bowl media plan. Read more