The Azimuth & Elevation Calculator below will help you determine the elevation and azimuth settings for your dish to receive transmissions from AMC-8 at the longitude of 139 degrees west. Elevation is the angle above true horizontal that the antenna must be pointed to. Zero degrees elevation is pointing right at horizontal; 90 degrees elevation is pointing straight up. Azimuth is a compass direction, in degrees East of True North. True East is 90 degrees azimuth, True South is 180 degrees, and True West is 270 degrees. In most of the United States, the view AMC-8 is between 180 and 270 degrees East of True North.

Azimuth and Elevation Calculator

You don't need to know the exact location of True North or the exact azimuth to point the antenna. If your antenna lets you set azimuth and elevation without one affecting the other, you should set the elevation first, then sweep the required quadrant of the sky (in this case the Southwest quadrant) until the satellite is found.