Doug Gottlieb

Monday-Friday, 3p-6p ET

More Informed. More Honest. More Familiar.

Doug Gottlieb

Be Real... Sports and athletes ARE better today than they were decades ago. That's the unvarnished, against the grain opinion, listeners get when they tune-in to The Doug Gottlieb Show. Simply put, Doug Gottlieb is host of America's Premier Afternoon Drive-time Sports Experience. Clever, unabashed and thought-provoking, he is the FAMILIAR voice Gen Xers already know on their daily commute talking NFL, NBA, Bowl Games or College Hoops.

Doug + Gen X + Sports


  • Doug's in the demo = mid-thirties and married
  • Bridges pop culture and sports to connect to core audience
  • Loves the mano y mano... the back and forth of competitive conversation
  • Real business acumen to breakdown sports deals, player negotiations
  • # social media — huge listener interaction, Facebook, Twitter

Website: Doug Gottlieb

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