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AM/FM Radio’s New ROI Juggernaut: the NextRadio Smartphone Platform

Westwood One, America’s largest radio network, is rolling out NextRadio as the first interactive audience measurement tool for over-the-air FM radio advertising campaigns. Westwood One’s NextRadio solution will deliver consumer insights and intelligence that optimizes campaigns and proves ROI to national advertisers.

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What Facebook Is Doing Is Evolving; Critical Thinking For Every Brand

While it’s no secret Facebook has a strong emphasis on video and Facebook Live, what’s interesting is what they are revealing to their media and publishing partners.

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Nielsen Launches First-Ever Audio Data Management Platform With Westwood One as a Charter Client

What it means for brands

Westwood One is the first radio company to launch a data management platform with the Nielsen Marketing Cloud. For the first time in the history of radio, over the air AM/FM radio listening is now directly connected with consumer purchase data.

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Let Us Be More Like Cole Swindell; See Beyond A Tweet, See A Person

I wonder just how much understanding there is in listening more, speaking less.

How much the ‘power of now’ is a part of each station's social strategy?

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How much of your ad budget does what it's supposed to?

AM/FM radio audiences deliver exactly what is promised: ads are heard. TV and other media measurement over-count and inflate audiences. AM/FM radio’s audience measurement system, the Portable People Meter, hears what the consumer hears. The radio listener is more likely to hear a commercial than the TV audience is to "see" a TV ad.

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Our Behavior On Social Media Is Defining Our Brands

One way to keep up with everything tech is to spend time each year with Mary Meeker’s annual “Internet Trends” report. 

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Radio Advertising: Driving Sales and Building Brands

Local Ad Recall quantifies the impact of advertising on radio stations and measures what advertiser attributes are important to your listeners. After fielding 27 local ad recall studies with 8,377 consumers, we have uncovered powerful insights about the power of local radio advertising and strategies to create effective ads that can be replicated on a national scale.

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The TV Upfront: History, 2017 Issues, And What It Means For Radio

In the just-completed 2017 upfront presentations, some major themes were brand safety, mass reach, curbing commercial clutter, and creating digital impact. Here we analyze these themes and outline what radio can learn from current media trends. Read more

Infographic: Kickoff Starts with the NFL on Westwood One

Miss football? Get in the tailgate state of mind and check out our new infographic. NFL fans are listening on the go. Did you know that 58% of all NFL listening occurs out of home? Among Millennials, 71% of listening is on the go! Find out what football fans are grilling, what they can’t afford to forget at home, and what they’re wearing to support their favorite teams.

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Westwood One NFL Coverage Boosts Mobile App Downloads and Usage

Despite billions of dollars being spent in promoting mobile apps, it’s difficult for these companies to get noticed online. The solution? Mass reach media like AM/FM radio. We partnered with Nielsen to conduct a campaign effect study for a major money transfer app to see how Westwood One’s NFL programming can be used to impact awareness and usage. Read more