“Tactical Talk” to Launch on Veteran’s Day

NEW YORK, NY – November 11, 2016 – Adding another unique talent to its Podcast & On-Demand roster, Westwood One has announced a new partnership with counter-terrorism expert and television commentator Allison Barrie. Tactical Talk with Allison Barrie will feature an unmatched lineup of outstanding men and women who have served the United States in the military, intelligence, and first responders’ space. Each week features different special guests ranging from Special Operations operators to four-star Generals and Admirals. This exciting, new podcast will fittingly debut on Veterans Day November 11, 2016. Westwood One will provide exclusive ad sales representation for Barrie’s weekly podcast, Tactical Talk.

Barrie is a highly sought-after defense consultant who specializes in tackling current threats and anticipating future ones. Her Tactical Talk podcast leverages her extraordinary access to the elite warriors and national security insiders who are highly accomplished in the business of protecting the United States.

From never-heard-before war stories to current missions as they unfold, Tactical Talk will introduce you to a series of fascinating veterans and take you right inside high stakes missions. These are the kinds of guests who push the limits of adventure at work and then come home and are ready for more. America will find themselves alongside Barrie in a helicopter deep in the Himalayas, with a retired Navy SEAL-led team of U.S. Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance and Raiders veterans, heading towards breaking the world record of the highest landing zone ever achieved. In another episode, listeners will find themselves in 50 degrees below zero Antarctica inside a tent, surrounded by more than 150 mph howling winds, to join Barrie for some conversation with the British Army team on an extremely dangerous mission.

“Who hasn’t wanted to have the chance to hang out with real life Jason Bourne and James Bond types? Through my new Podcast series, Tactical Talk, I wanted to bring this kind of experience to the public,” Barrie says. “I plan to introduce America to these ultimate insiders so my listeners can know what they know. Since the guests are my friends, America will get very real, up close and direct experiences. There will be exclusive content, access and reveals, but also lots of humor, courage, adventure – and a whole lot of fun.”

Barrie adds, “I am thrilled to partner with Westwood One. Such a great fit for this authentic, special content. Westwood One brings world-class experience in sports, media and politics – not to mention they are America’s #1 provider of Country music radio content. The Country music community is very supportive of our nation’s military.”

“Allison is a powerful addition to our podcast and on-demand network,” said Suzanne Grimes, Westwood One’s President and EVP, Corporate Marketing for Cumulus Media. “She is an astute civilian insider with unique access to defense information and technology that translates into extremely compelling content. We look forward to the high-level guests and storytelling she will bring to our 245 million listeners and our valued advertising partners.”

As the host of FOX Firepower, Barrie also writes the highly popular weekly FOX Firepower front-page column at FOXNews.com. In both the show and the column, she introduces incredible technology advances for the military and homeland security. In addition to being a columnist and TV personality, Barrie is an author whose first book, Future Weapons: Access Granted, is a huge success.

Barrie has travelled to more than 70 countries and through her company, Eyes On, she and her team provide high-level defense and security consulting. An expert advisor on films and television, she has also created and sold shows to leading broadcast and cable networks. Barrie spends part of her time in a sort of real-life defense version of Top Gear and is frequently invited to test out, test drive, and test fly amazing next-gen tech prototypes – from amped up ATVs for Special Ops and cutting-edge helicopters to invisible tanks and advanced weaponry.

Learn more at www.allisonbarrie.co.uk. Follow Allison on Twitter at @allison_barrie and on Instagram @allisonbarriehq.

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