On Wednesday, 2/5 listeners tuning in for Westwood One’s First Light radio show will hear audio that is out of this world, as host Michael Toscano interviews International Space Station crew member Christina Koch. The interview was recorded on Tuesday, 2/4 while Koch was in orbit, just 48 hours before she returns to earth after 328 days in space. This was Koch’s only scheduled radio interview before she departs.

Having orbited the Earth for 139 million miles, Koch will talk about her experiments while aboard the space station as well as the six spacewalks that took her outside the orbiting laboratory for more than 42 hours. This isn’t the first time Toscano has spoken with the space station crew; astronauts offered their thoughts from space last year on First Light, as we celebrated a half-century since the moon landing in 1969. Koch is looking forward to having salsa and chips when she returns to earth on Thursday.

For your consideration – please see listen to a promo clip of Michael interviewing Christina.

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