WHO: Tom Welling, best known for portraying Clark Kent in The WB/The CW superhero drama Smallville (2001–2011), returns to the podcast Inside of You to talk with host Michael Rosenbaum

WHAT: Welling shares happy news that he and wife, Jessica Rose Lee Welling, are expecting another child

WHEN: Inside of You Episode with Tom Welling is live


Michael: Congrats on the… You know, you got – You got another kid on the way?

Tom: What ?

Michael: You have another kid on the way.

Tom: I – No?

Michael: Dude, I talked to Jess. I thought you – Are you serious?


Michael: She told you.

Tom: Yeah, she told me!

Michael: You lying bastard! But, you do! You have another one coming. You got – You got little Thompson. He’s the cutest little… You know, there’s nothing more infuriating than when beautiful people have beautiful children.

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