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The Podcast Download: Speed Listening, Ad Loads, And Subscription Models

By Doug Hyde
Westwood One recently commissioned The Podcast Download Fall 2017 Report in order to understand the advertising environment around podcast content. The results were presented by Westwood One at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Podcast Upfront event in New York City. Here are the key findings.

Network Radio, TV, And Digital Work Together

By Doug Hyde
TV and digital have become known as media planning’s dynamic duo. TV is often credited with large reach while digital offers highly specialized and targeted campaigns. So how can brands grow incremental reach to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns? With AM/FM radio, America’s #1 mass reach media.

A Profile Of The On-Demand Audience

By Doug Hyde
Cumulus Media and Westwood One commissioned a Nielsen Total Audience custom study to measure the audiences of local on-demand content from the Cumulus radio stations and national on-demand content from Westwood One shows. For the first time ever, Nielsen provided demographic estimates Westwood One’s on-demand audio content consumed on their properties, leveraging SDK technology and Nielsen’s Total Audience measurement framework.

Radio Advertising: Driving Sales And Building Brands

By Westwood One

Local Ad Recall quantifies the impact of advertising on radio stations and measures what advertiser attributes are important to your listeners. After fielding 27 local ad recall studies with 8,377 consumers, we have uncovered powerful insights about the power of local radio advertising and strategies to create effective ads that can be replicated on a national scale.

Infographic: Kickoff Starts With The NFL On Westwood One

By Chris Lindquist

Miss football? Get in the tailgate state of mind and check out our new infographic. NFL fans are listening on the go. Did you know that 58% of all NFL listening occurs out of home? Among Millennials, 71% of listening is on the go! Find out what football fans are grilling, what they can’t afford to forget at home, and what they’re wearing to support their favorite teams.

The Evolving Digital Audio Landscape: Pandora Is Down, Spotify And Broadcast Streaming Radio Grow

By Doug Hyde
With so many digital listening options available, what is resonating with consumers? Here’s a look at current trends in the digital audio landscape according to Triton, provider of ad insertion technology and streaming measurement for the digital audio marketplace.

Nielsen Infographic: The Six R’s Of Radio

By Brad Kelly
Radio is an integral part of media consumption for millions of Americans. For some advertisers, radio is the best kept secret in media. In order to better tell radio’s story, Nielsen created “The Six R’s of Radio” -- remind, register, reinforce, relate, reach, and return. These are key attributes of radio that can help advertisers build winning media plans.