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Pierre Bouvard

How Does The Audience Profile Of AM/FM Radio Streaming Differ From The On-Air Audience Profile?

By Pierre Bouvard
One would think the audience profile of an AM/FM radio station stream would be similar to the on-air audience. A recent analysis of the Westwood One Digital Streaming Network audience reveals some key differences in audience profile that are compelling for advertisers.

Turbocharge Search Impact With AM/FM Radio

By Pierre Bouvard
According to the Google Economic Impact Report and AdGooRoo, 1.2 million American businesses use Google search and report $2 of revenue for every dollar of search. eMarketer estimates $40.49 billion will be spent on search this year in the U.S. Can mass reach media like TV and AM/FM radio enhance search impact?

What Happens When Insurance Brands Hit TV’s Demographic “Bermuda Triangle”

By Pierre Bouvard
The insurance market is triggered by major life occurrences such as marriage, home purchase, and the arrival of children. Westwood One worked with researcher MARU/Vision Critical to ask Americans if they were going to purchase insurance in the next six months. Here are the results.