As you prepare to syndicate your program, you need to consider how your audio will reach our Transmission Operations Center (TOC) in Purchase, NY. The determination of your method will be dependent upon factors such as bandwidth quality, usage amount, redundancy requirements, flexibility and budget. Some choices are as follows:

  • Private IP circuits such as MPLS, Metro E, Point-to-Point – End equipment: Comrex, Telos, Barix, Worldcast, Gates Air, Moseley, Tieline
  • Internet IP delivery – End equipment: Comrex, Telos, Barix, Worldcast
  • Leased circuits such as serial T-1 – Equipment for both ends is available from Gates Air (formerly Harris), Moseley
  • ISDN – End equipment: Telos, CDQ-1000

Our engineering staff can provide recommendations about which hardware and configuration best suits your needs.