An Exclusive Service to Westwood One 24-Hour Format Affiliates

Local Sales Insights is Westwood One’s latest value-adding service, available free to every affiliate of our 24-Hour Formats. Local Sales Insights reinforces our comprehensive goal to provide our affiliates with top-notch programming and to help stations generate new advertising revenue.

Each month, affiliate managers and sellers receive a compelling story detailing why Radio should be a part of the media mix, from acknowledged thought-leader Pierre Bouvard and his staff at Westwood One. It will be chock-full of useful research and observations that will serve to education sellers, and arm them with what they need to close local business for your station. And as a bonus, each will have link to a site to download a one-sheet to include in presentations and proposals, easily customized with the station’s or cluster’s logo.

Here are some of the subjects we have examined:

– AM/FM Radio Makes Your Facebook Buy Better
– Political
– Making Your Spot Effective: Creative Best Practices w/ checklist
– Share of Ear/Radio perception vs. reality
– Radio and Recruitment: The Passive Job Seeker
– Radio and Retail
– Radio Makes Newspaper Advertising Better
– Auto Aftermarket
– Healthcare/Medical
– Local Businesses

With Westwood One 24-Hour Formats, the relationship doesn’t stop at the speakers…it shows up on the balance sheet!

For affiliation, contact Eric Sundstrom at 505-510-2373