PDQ is Production Done Quickly! PDQ utilizes over 60 Westwood One national on-air talents to voice your local commercials! Your local sponsors can have the big-market sound they crave from your stations and PDQ. PDQ partners with vCreative to manage everything online…from your orders and scripts to the Final Spots…on a cloud-based website that’s accessible to you wherever you have Internet. And PDQ uses music beds from Benztown Branding – “The Most Powerful Imaging Libraries in the World” – to make your ads stand out even more. PDQ turns around most orders… from a script to a Finished-Ready to-Air Commercial… in 24 hours or less. That’s Production Done Quickly! That’s PDQ!

Listen to samples here.

To find out how to get PDQ for your station(s), please reach out to:

Eric Sundstrom, esundstrom@westwoodone.com.