Radio Voodoo is a sophisticated voice answering phone service…on steroids! Like a dream system, Radio Voodoo can do everything below and more:

  • Answers the Stations Phone Line 24/7
  • Delivers Custom Listener Audio for On-Air & Production
  • Allows for Easy Contesting
  • Sends Text Messaging
  • Provides insight into Programming with Listener Data
  • Polls Your Listeners
  • Generates NTR from Your Phones
  • Links Listener Audio Direct to the Station Facebook Page

Integrate Listeners with Ease

At the risk of oversimplification, Radio Voodoo answers phones for radio stations and makes it easier to use caller recordings in your station programming. Turning each call into a potential revenue source for any station.

No hardware or software is involved and it generally takes a station about 10-15 minutes to implement Radio Voodoo. Just pick the functionality you want, record some voice prompts, and “Voila” the station has a powerful IVR phone system. Each particular setup is format and demo specific. Radio Voodoo is simply a phone system with a whole bunch of defined phone modules. Stations pick, choose and decide what it is they want to engage their audience in; what they want to collect from them; and more importantly what they want to expose to them. Most stations generally get participants in and out within several minutes and the procedure possesses at least one obvious station benefit.

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