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Nielsen: Political Media Plans Should Have A 10% Or Greater Allocation Of AM/FM Radio To Reach 45% Of Voters Not Reached By TV

By Pierre Bouvard
Recently, Tony Hereau, Nielsen’s VP of Cross Platform Insights, made a presentation to the American Association of Political Consultants entitled The 10% Solution: Optimizing the Political Media Plan with Radio to Reach Swing Voters. His analysis finds that the addition of AM/FM radio to a political media plan can generate an extraordinary amount incremental voter reach.

Reach Voters With AM/FM Radio

By Pierre Bouvard
Kantar’s Campaign Media Advisory Group (CMAG) projects a $7.8 billion political ad spend for the midterm season across local broadcast TV, local cable/satellite, AM/FM radio, digital, and OTT. $7.8 billion will overwhelm inventories of many TV and digital platforms leaving campaigns to look for new ways to reach voters. Enter AM/FM radio.

Nielsen: Adding AM/FM Radio To Political TV Buys Generates Dramatic Lift In Reach

By Pierre Bouvard
Local Media Impact is Nielsen’s new local market media planning and optimization platform. For the first time, agencies can now determine the lift in reach achieved by adding AM/FM radio to television and digital campaigns. Here's how it works for political.