Site Menus

This site comes with multiple predefined menus, which can be managed by Site Editors under Appearance / Menus. With all menus, when linking to content on this site, try not to use Custom Links if you can avoid it. The other options will automatically update if the content’s link changes.

Main/Header Menu

The Big Menu! This lives under the hamburger icon (Hamburger Icon example) in the site masthead. On our site, this menu is a special type which visually represents moving through levels of items and sub-items, mimicking the behavior of a mobile app.

The big menu will always open at the level of the currently viewed page. If the currently viewed page exists in multiple places within the menu, the menu will open to the first occurrence of the page in the menu.

Before-Hamburger Menu (Desktop Only!)

You’ll notice a bit of text to the left of the hamburger menu in the site masthead. If you’re familiar with the Podcast Network, this area is managed in Appearance / Customize / Masthead and previously could only contain one item with one link, however you now have the added ability to override the Hamburger Label and assign a single-tier menu to this section in Appearance / Menus. Note: assigning a menu to this section will fully override the Hamburger Label, and the menu will be hidden on mobile. Be sure to replicate anything you add here in the Main/Header Menu if it’s important!

Footer Menu

Text links in the footer, fairly self-explanatory.

Footer Social

This menu allows you to add linked icons for various social services into the site footer. It is also replicated at the bottom of the Main/Header Menu. Simply add the URL to your social profile here as a Custom Link, and the theme will automatically convert it into an icon for many networks. If one isn’t supported currently, please contact an administrator with the service you’d like to see supported.